Puppy Wouldn’t Let A Broken Jaw Stop Him From Giving Kisses

Although it was a struggle, he still loved giving kisses to all the wonderful people who were caring for him. In his three months on Earth, little Otto has already experienced more trauma than any dog should. The pup and his siblings were taken to the Greenville Humane Society (GHS) in Greenville, South Carolina after they were abandoned. His brothers and sisters were all healthy and located loving homes, but Otto was suffering with a significant jaw injury.

“His jaw was broken two places by blunt force trauma,” a GHS employee explained to iHeartDogs. “We believe Otto and his littermates may are thrown from a car.” But despite his ordeal, the puppy remained docile and loving. And though it had been a struggle, he still loved giving kisses to all or any the wonderful people that were caring for him.

But Otto’s story was far away from over. The GHS worked to urge donations to hide the pup’s jaw surgery, and through the community’s support, his medical expenses were funded! “Otto was in elation this morning on the thanks to have his surgery!” GHS wrote on Facebook. “Thank you again to everyone who donated and shared to assist this sweet little guy.” The operation performed at the foothills veterinary hospital and the veterinarian staff paid close attention to the little soldier. Luckily, it had been a success!

Otto was placed on a feeding tube for a couple of weeks to permit his jaw to heal, but that didn’t stop him from being his regular, sweet self. And things kept recuperating for the happy-go-lucky puppy.

“His feeding tube has been removed and he's now happily chomping away on dry food on his own!” says an update on the GHS Facebook page, “He are going to be during a family for subsequent three weeks while he recovers and should have already found his forever home together with his foster parents!”

Now, Otto can eat regularly, have a traditional life, and luxuriate in his loving forever home. What’s more, he can freely give kisses to anyone he wants! Thanks to everyone who gave this sweet puppy the second chance that he deserves!

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