Skin Hardened Like Stone & He Blended Into The Streets Where No One Cares

Unworthy of being saved, he meant nothing to no one.

Every life is precious. But sadly, this mantra is forgotten by many. A stray dog that spent countless days on the streets was riddled with disease and hunger. Locals passed him by and either didn’t see him or didn’t care enough to seem. Some even said he was beyond saving. This is often Henry’s story. In areas where strays run rampant, dogs like Henry are often overlooked. His skin was so sickly from mange and secondary skin infections that he blended into the concrete. Henry was so wont to being invisible that when rescuers stopped to assist him, he was understandably overwhelmed.

At first, Henry was unsure of the rescuers’ intentions but as they knelt right down to his level with food in hand, his tail began to wag. He thought: Finally! They see me! They know, I’m suffering! They understand that I need help. The rescuers calmed Henry then picked him up so that they could get him to the vet.

Poor Henry was riddled with ticks and tested positive for Anaplasmosis and Ehrlichia. While the tick-borne illnesses are fairly common, treatment is dear. ThankfullyFortunately, through the generosity of animal lovers, Henry can begin treatment. Henry’s mange is so advanced that parts of his skin had “hardened like stone.” While Henry continued his treatment, he moved into an exquisite They gave him his medications for his tick-borne illnesses and daily medicated baths for his mange. Within two weeks, Zhang Xuan was here again!

Just wait until you see what happens next to this deserving little fella. Henry went from being ignored or deemed ‘too far gone’ to assist, to a dog loved by many. He’s unrecognizable now! because the video says, “He gets fuzzier every day .” We applaud the dedication and bravery of rescuers and little Henry! Check this incredible story below!

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