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Starving Dog Who Survived By Eating Twigs And Rocks Gets His Happily Ever After

A starving dog who had been eating twigs and rocks just a few months ago has found a happy ending.

The Weimaraner named Alex was picked abreast of the streets of latest Orleans and was taken to Vermillion Parish’s Rabies Animal Control weighing just 43 pounds.

Alex was so severely emaciated that when Deanna Theis, assistant director of the Southern Animal Foundation, saw a photograph of him, she was stunned he was still alive.

She knew he wouldn't survive unless he was immediately pulled form the shelter, so that’s what she did.

While undergoing medical tests, X-Rays revealed that Alex had been so desperate for food that he had eaten rocks and twigs to fill his stomach.

His health was touch and enter the start .

Alex’s severe starvation caused him a significant set back when his stomach reacted to the nutrition he was receiving and it flipped.

He had to possess immediate emergency surgery to get rid of the foreign objects and to combat the damaging condition, but the resilient dog pulled through.

After he had sufficiently recovered, he went into care with Diane Lundeen. She already has two Weimaraners reception and when she met Alex she fell crazy with him directly .

He fell crazy too, gaining 10 pounds within the first week home together with her .

Four months later, Diane knew she couldn't spare the dog whose eyes were so haunting once they first met.

Those same eyes are bright and filled with happiness now that he’s found a forever home with Lundeen and his new siblings.

Every picture Alex is in now, he’s smiling.

Lundeen says that he's almost 80 pounds now: “He has good color his gums, his eyes are bright, when he goes to take a seat down he doesn’t whine.

He has this incredible joy for all times that’s awesome.”

Way to go, Alex! I’m so happy to ascertain him make such a miraculous recovery.