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Stolen Two Years Ago, Dog Makes The 2,000 Mile Trip Home

 Never give up hope!❤️  

A Florida family had their family pet, Cedar, go missing two years ago.

It was heartbreaking, and because the days turned to weeks, then months, and eventually into years, it didn’t appear to be their hopes and prayers were being answered.

But then, once they were not expecting it, a miracle happened.

The dog was found quite halfway across the country.

The Peterson family would be getting their German shepherd back.

Back in 2017, the family noticed that the youngest of their dogs had gone missing from their backyard in Southwest Ranches, a suburb of Miami, Florida. It appeared that she had been stolen.

Cedar was only four months old at the time and Tamara Peterson suspected that somebody had climbed the fence to steal the young dog. it had been unlikely that the tiny puppy could have gotten out of the fence and disappeared on her own.

The family posted signs everywhere they might consider , but nobody had seen the tiny German shepherd puppy.

That’s how things continued to travel until a full two years later. Then, they finally received a call all the way from Colorado.

Two thousand miles away, the German shepherd had been found.

She had been abandoned during a snow-filled ditch in Hugo, Colorado by Deputy Marshal Steve Ryan. Cedar had an injured leg and was malnourished when the police found her therein rural a part of the state, but she was alive, and was now just about a full-grown dog.

The police took her to an area vet to ascertain about her injuries and health. While she was there, they checked her for a microchip, at which point they quickly discovered her name which she belonged to the Petersons.

Microchips really can make a difference for lost pets!

The Petersons had kept their information current with the microchip company, so contacting them was easy. Cedar would be reunited with the family who missed her and had about given up hope of her ever returning.

It had been almost exactly two years since the German shepherd had gone missing.

The return flight
Next, Wings of Rescue would be brought in to assist with the animal’s return since she was found thus far from home.

But first, Cedar would wish to recover enough to be able to travel. it had been three more weeks of waiting before the German shepherd would finally be returned to the family that loved and missed her.

When she was ready, Wings of Rescue scheduled her flight back home. Soon, she was beginning from Colorado and would be landing at the Fort Lauderdale airport in her home state of Florida.

The whole family was thrilled to ascertain their long-lost dog once more . the youngsters greeted her on the airport tarmac and petted the dog they thought that they had lost forever.

She is now finishing her recovery process reception . Cedar has been through tons , but once she is prepared , the family plans to involve her altogether their favorite activities, including swimming.

Sometimes miracles happen once you least expect them.