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Store opens their doors for stray dog to cool off on hot summer day

On a 104 degree day, a store let a street dog inside and gave him water and treats

Stray animals live a troublesome life, being on their lonesome without a shelter to travel and aside from being responsible to seek out their own food resources also are exposed to all or any the weather 

Store opens their doors for stray dog to chill off on hot summer day
We have already got heard several stories about poor dogs that suffered from cold and type places that opened their doors for them, but aside from the cold dogs are vulnerable to high temperatures too and in one extremely hot day one store allowed a dog to urge inside and funky down.

In Mexico it had been a really hot day with 104°F temperature, and an area street dog paid a visit to a market where he also showed several other days.

“He has been here the past [few] days,” the store’s clerk said, consistent with The Dodo. “We suspect he was left behind by his owner. He came to us for help.”

“We could only provide him with food, water and a few toys from the shop that we paid with our money.”

But on this extremely hot day they went further and decided to let the dog inside to chill off.

The pooch enjoyed getting faraway from the sun. In fact , he was so comfortable that he just laid down right the aisle floor to require a nap.

“We let him inside because the temperature outside is basically hell-like,” the clerk said. “We feel bad for him, but he looks happier round the store.”

And the clerks’ kindness was simply contagious: a customer named Adolfo Pazzi Ahumada, that was inside the marketplace for some milk, decided to shop for the sweet pooch a treat.

“I felt bad for what the dog has skilled ,” Adolfo told The Dodo. “But he's now receiving the love he deserves.”

Extremely thankful to the present store for opening the doors for the sweet dog. we'd like more people like this.


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  1. While the story is heartwarming trying to read it is difficult. Please get someone whom has a command of the English language to write it for you. The grammar is so bad it's difficult to read and takes away from the story.

    1. Didn't take away from the story at all. It was written from the heart and told me exactly what happened, Stop focusing on grammar and focus more on the love for God's creatures.

    2. who cares about the grammar the story is the dog get over the grammar or learn spanish

  2. Post a link to your store and I will become a customer.

  3. Need more stores like this around the world to care about the animals, whatever kind they may be. Congrats on being a humane store.

  4. So thankful the store let this dog in and let him cool off.You all are good people most people wouldnt have done that.hope he finds a forever home with a family.I love animals they are orecious i have two rescues we have had them since they were two yars old.

  5. Wonderful story & inspiring hopefully many more people will take note and apply this to there life and let hot or cold dogs in

  6. Try and NOTICE when a person or a dog is in distress or needs help. Don't look away. Sometimes a small act of kindness means the world to the person or dog. Wonderful store owner.

  7. Did this sweetheart get adopted by anyone like the store owner? Any updates? This story made my day

  8. These people have such beautiful hearts to help this doggie in need. Such a lucky dog :)

  9. The ouner was so cruel that is all I can say.


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