Stray dog’s heroic action saves dying woman from car crash

The name Hero suits him just perfectly, doesn't it?

All these stories about individuals and animals trampling on each other remind us how sweet life is once we respect people who are different from us.

The lifetime of 36-year-old Shannon Lorio could end that day if it wasn’t for the dog who decided that wasn’t getting to happen. As this lady was driving along Southern Georgia, she somehow misjudged a curve on the desolate road and ended up during a ditch. The accident left her barely conscious and with nobody by her side. It seemed as if the injuries she sustained were severe as she wasn’t ready to move. But then, out of the blue, an enormous dog approached this woman who was in desperate need of help and began fighting for her life.

She eventually lost her consciousness but says she is going to always remember what she saw once she was ready to open her eyes once more. The dog was licking her face, desperately trying to wake her up and obtain her off her car. It had been due to this brave four-legged hero that Shannon became conscious of what was really happening . Sadly, she was thanks to fragile already and fainted once more, but that didn’t stop the dog from saving her. He decided to seek out help and continue dragging her to the side of the road where someone would hopefully notice her.

“I’d never seen him. But he found me and that I thank God that he did,” says Shannon. “I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled myself up, and it had been the primary time I stood up.” Someone finally saw the injured woman and rushed her to the hospital. She started feeling fine and completely recovered from the terrible accident.

As for the hero dog, he got the name Hero and that we are sure it fits him best. Shannon wouldn’t leave her savior on the road so, she did her best to put him during a family. She couldn’t take him in because she already has six dogs she takes care of. Eventually, Hero was placed at the Humane Society shelter where he was given many love and a spotlight. Shortly after, Hero was adopted by a dog trainer who would make him an enquiry dog for rescue missions. And that we are sure this hero would be ready to help many people too.

Shannon is happy Hero found a pleasant home and says how he’d always have a special place in her heart.

You can hear Shannon’s story within the video below.

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