Stray Who Slept By The Freeway Trembled With Angst Whenever Anyone Came Near

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Hope For Paws received a call from To Crawford about a stray dog who had been living in an indoor area by the freeway. When they arrived, they checked the fence to form sure there was no holes that the dog could escape out of once they tried to catch her. They put the mesh on the part of the sole that she can wear.

Their plan was to rush the dog into the corner and use a net to quickly catch her, and it worked! The dog, whom they named Barbie, was extremely scared of humans. She didn’t want anyone near her, and she or he shrieked and growled and went ballistic when rescuers caught her foot in the snare.

When rescuers gently patted her head while she was still in the net, Barbie shook so badly with fear. The poor pup was so afraid that they might hurt her, but she would soon realize that they were there to assist. They brought her back to their clinic, where she got a much-needed bath. Rescuers spent tons of your time with Barbie, gaining her trust and showing her that she is going to only feel love from here on out.

Today, Barbie is nothing just like the terrified dog, she was when she was rescued. She greets everyone she meets with a wagging tail, and she or he is so happy and assured. Now all she needs may be a forever home! She is about 2-3 years old and weighs 10 pounds. She is extremely sweet and is okay with other small dogs who are calm and provides her space. She does well with cats as well. She would do best during a calm household with no young children.

If you’re curious about adopting Barbie, please visit Watch her rescue and transformation within the video below:

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