Tattooed Biker Gang Takes Down Dog Fighting Rings And Save Hundreds Of Helpless Dogs

The members of Rescue Ink, a non-profit animal rights group, can provide a very misleading first impression. These muscular, tattooed men on bikes appear as if they're wanting to devour a fight, only during this case, their fight is against neglectful and abusive pet-owners!

These big men come from a spread of backgrounds – from ex-bodybuilders and powerlifting champions to military men, detectives, and lawyers. As superheroes, they keep a vigilant eye out for any signs of animal abuse. Their body of labor includes dismantling dog-fighting rings, confronting the monstrous animal abusers, and rescuing stolen animals.

Rescue Ink members wish to stay within legal parameters, but they are doing not mind overstepping police jurisdiction to ensure the security of an animal. Not only do they allow animals to recover, but they also place harsh demands on people who abuse animals. It’s no wonder that their name alone induces fear among these abusive monsters. Over the years, Rescue Ink has gone above and beyond to rescue many other animals like horses, pigs, fish, chickens, ducklings, and even a boa constrictor! Their mission is to act as the protector of every helpless animal, and they never shrink from any difficult rescue.

In the heartbreaking video below, we see the pitiful plight of Rescue Ink’s base in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Amidst the ruins, the bikers don't rest until every animal in the vicinity is saved. These tattooed animal crusaders truly deserve every ounce of our respect! Click the video below to see Rescue Ink’s efforts to save lots of the distressed animals and salvage what’s left after Hurricane Sandy.

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