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Woman Pays A Man $250 To Chop Off Ears Of Her 7 Puppies For “Cosmetic Purposes”

In today’s society people are becoming more cruel towards poor animals everyday, and that’s a scary thing to even think off including witness it.

A sickening case of animal cruelty has taken place after reports that a person cropped the ears off 7 pitbull puppies, therefore the Cops in NIagara Falls are investigating further.

Poor puppies were sent to the vet one months after this “incident”, when their ears became fully infected and inflamed.

The investigation came to get that the puppies owner may be a breeder that decided to crop their ears off for “cosmetic reasons”.

But rather than doing the intervention into a medical facility with necessary anesthesia, the breeder decided to form an inexpensive affect a shady person stupidly about the poor dog’s health.

Cops are checking out the abuser, and pleads everyone that have any information to return forward.

Update: 45-year-old Michael Anthony Paonessa are arrested by cops on numerous counts of felony animal cruelty for cruelly clipping the puppies’ ears.

Michael has pleaded “not guilty” to the fees , claiming that the puppies’ owner so as to save lots of the $2450 on the procedure at a vet clinic, paid him only $250 in total to urge the work done.

The man has no certification to perform this type of procedure on the puppies, and he's due for an attempt at a later date.

The puppies are now back with their owner.

Michael is that the one that performed the clipping, but the owners obsession with beauty has left us disgusted also