10-Week-Old Puppy Abandoned with Heartbreaking Note Gets Luckiest Break Possible

 Frightened and alone, Bella was tied to a tree and abandoned at 10-weeks-old, but her life changed the moment Jackie Jordan saw her.

Dogs who are rescued always remember the humans who saved them. We are emphasizing the touching story of a dog rescued from a terrible situation and then seen as a priceless relationship.relations.

Abandoned during a park, Bella was frightened and alone until Jackie Jordan and her family found her. Most unwanted puppies never get an opportunity to urge loved and cared for by a family, but Bella was lucky that the proper person saw her at the proper time. Jackie shared with DogHeirs how they rescued the small puppy and she or he became a part of their family.

“This is Bella our rescue…she was left tied to a tree at a park with this note when she was about 10 weeks old.”

“The pic of her within the sun is today…she features a forever home, full belly, beautiful, shiny coat and has people that love, care and play together with her .”

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