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10-Week-Old Puppy Abandoned with Heartbreaking Note Gets Luckiest Break Possible

 Frightened and alone, Bella was tied to a tree and abandoned at 10-weeks-old, but her life changed the moment Jackie Jordan saw her.

Dogs who are rescued always remember the humans who saved them. We are highlighting heartwarming stories of dogs saved from dire situations then cherished as invaluable relations .

Abandoned during a park, Bella was frightened and alone until Jackie Jordan and her family found her. Most unwanted puppies never get an opportunity to urge loved and cared for by a family, but Bella was lucky that the proper person saw her at the proper time. Jackie shared with DogHeirs how they rescued the small puppy and she or he became a part of their family.

“This is Bella our rescue…she was left tied to a tree at a park with this note when she was about 10 weeks old.”

“The pic of her within the sun is today…she features a forever home, full belly, beautiful, shiny coat and has people that love, care and play together with her .”