$10,000 Reward Offered To Find Person(s) Who Stabbed Senior Dog And Left Her For Dead

 "Ladybell was in immense pain, and she was terrified. We can’t begin to imagine what she has endured."

On July 12, the Humane Rescue Alliance received news about an abandoned dog near the Fort Totten subway track. The rescue team was heartbroken once they arrived and located an emaciated senior dog covered in blood. “When we arrived on the scene, we found an injured and emaciated senior-aged dog covered in blood and parasites. She had what seemed to be stab wounds on her face and therefore the back of her head. There have been many other unidentified wounds on her back. One among her eyes was infested with thousands of maggots, and a wound on the rear of her head was so deep it fractured her skull,” reported the rescue team.

They named the sweet girl Ladybell and rushed her to an emergency clinic. “Her injuries and body condition were so severe that she couldn’t even get up or walk on her own,” wrote the rescue. “Ladybell was in immense pain, and she or he was terrified. We can’t begin to imagine what she has endured.” She was near death and rescuers weren’t sure if she was getting to make it. But the resilient pup pulled through surgery and with a generous dose of pain meds and antibiotics began to improve. The medical team was ready to save her eye and her long road to recovery began.

Upon further examination, the medical team discovered that the senior girl also suffered from several health conditions. “She has hip dysplasia, several rotting teeth, arthritis and a spinal injury that forestalls her from walking normally. Despite her injury, she is already ready to walk on her own with little assistance,” posted the rescue in an update. Once it had been clear that Ladybell was getting to pull through, she was moved into a loving family for round-the-clock care. She continues to enhance and is being spoiled with delicious food and leisurely walks to rebuild her strength. While Ladybell focuses on recovering, an investigation into the heinous act was launched and is ongoing. Humane enforcement officers are trying to find the monster(s) responsible, but need help. they're asking anyone who noticed anything near the tracks on July 12 or anyone who recognizes the dog to contact them.

Humane Rescue Alliance is offering a $5,000 reward to anyone with information that results in finding and prosecuting the person or persons who abused and abandoned Ladybell. Animal Legal Defense Fund heard Ladybell’s heartbreaking story and offered another $5,000, for a complete reward of $10,000. “It is significant that witnesses of any act of animal cruelty contact the police and make a report — as animals cannot represent themselves,” said Animal Legal Defense Fund executive Stephen Wells during a statement. “We’re hopeful that the area people will close and share any information they need to carry Ladybell’s abuser accountable.”

Anyone with information about Ladybell’s case is asked to call 202-723-5730, option 3. Be a voice for the voiceless. Ladybell is loving life in her family and grows stronger every day. Watch her enjoy a stroll in the mountains as well as her family in the video below.

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