11-year-old boy runs into street to save injured dog hit by car

The bond between a dog and a touch boy is that the sweetest thing, and today’s story may be a great illustration of how brave kids are often when it’s about their little friends. When a poor dog was in peril, a young boy put himself in peril to save lots of him.

As the Huffington Post, an area press reported that a sweet pooch got injured after getting struck by a car on the road and therefore, the culprit ran off. Witnessing this, a 11-year-old boy, Jean Fernandez ran to save lots of the pooch. The boy received many praises for his brave actions, people were amazed how someone so young is often so selfless.

Jean’s mother told Brazilian news that she wasn’t surprised by her son’s actions, since he loves animals and helps abandoned and abused ones. The saved dog got named Mel and was sent to an animal shelter and there received treatment for injuries and is predicted to form a full recovery.

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