12-Year-Old Dog With Aggressive Cancer Found Dumped In A Walmart Parking Lot

"Theo" had just weeks to live when he was harshly abandoned.

Theo, who is around 12 years old, has an aggressive sort of cancer that can't be cured, and his previous owners didn’t want to affect it. So rather than getting him help, they abandoned him during a Walmart parking zone near Joliet, Illinois.

Thankfully, someone found him and rescued him, and although he only has weeks or less to muchmeasure, he will get the bucket list that he deserves. His new adoptive parents, Jenny and Scott, in Crystal Lake, did their best to form the simplest Theo. So far, he has swum during a pool, enjoyed a hamburger at the drive-thru, also as a delicious frozen dessert cone.

He still has many things he wants to try, including choosing to take a boat trip, visit the fireplace station, and continue dating. If you'll help Them fulfill his bucket list, please email his parents at jgibfeb67@aol.com. Learn more about Sweet Theo in the video below. H/T to CBS Chicago.

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