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2 Dogs With Heartbreaking Pasts Get Adopted Together, Now They Help Each Other Heal In A Forever Home

Todd and Sally are two pit bulls that got rescued, coming from very sad backgrounds: Todd was used as a fighting dog and Sally was wont to breed litters and litters of puppies, which is extremely unhealthy for female dogs. Finally, Todd was rescued by the Love Leo Rescue and actress and comedian Rebecca Corry fostered the cutie pie while they searched him a permanent home.

But as unpredictable as everything is, Corry just fell crazy with Todd and gave him a permanent home, which is sort of almost like what happened with Sally: Corry fostered Sally, but after realizing not only how happy she was but how bonded Sally and Todd got, she knew they belonged together, at her home.


These two rescue pit bulls get the life they’ve always deserved now and are helping one another to grow over their bad beginnings at life.