A Heartbroken Dog Always Visits The Jetty And Waits For His Master Who Drowned In The River

Dogs are those that forever will love us, even after the owner of a dog passes away They stayed where their master was the last time, as if expecting them to come back.

Image result for A Heartbroken Dog Always Visits The Jetty Waiting for the owner who sinks into the river A heartbroken dog named Luck spends his days waiting on the Jetty for his owner that got drowned after falling from a ship into the river, a couple of weeks ago. Luck is around 3 or 4 years old and one morning was found battling the Chao Phraya River in Thailand, but a resident named Kerdsomsri called and pulled the dog out of the river, that’was When she named it lucky, the dog was still waiting at the dock and appeared on the other side of the river, hoping to find its owner.

The kind woman takes care of Luck but the dog doesn’t want to eat, he just wakes up and goes on his waiting habit at the jetty. Kerdsomsri mentions that the heartbroken Luck fell from the boat also near her house, then swam towards her Maybe the lucky guy heard the sound of the engine and wanted to find the owner, so he ran to the boat.

The sad dog on the primary day simplyhowled at the boats, and didn’t allow anyone to the touch him.

Seeing Luck, this heartbroken and wail a day at the passing boats, it’s really sad for MS.Kerdsomsri, but again, none folks really understand the love that these sweet beings have for us.

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