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After years of neglect, sweet shelter dog finally feels safe and falls asleep in rescuer’s arms

She'd been unloved for so long that she melted into her new human's arms before they even left the shelter.

Bella may be a shelter dog who knows tons about how lonely life are often . The sad dog had spent nearly her entire life trapped during a cold concrete enclosure at an overflowing city pound in Romania. Not only had she been kept caged and neglected, but she was also riddled with fleas and affected by spleen and liver issues thanks to a scarcity of medical attention.

Though it's going to have felt love it at the time, life had not given abreast of the lonely shelter dog just yet.

Though this was basically the sole life Bella had ever known, all that was close to change for the shelter dog when a sort soul from Howl of a Dog walked into the pound at some point and saw her.
An employee of the rescue organization had visited the compound where Bella was. When she saw the lonesome shelter dog she was in her enclosure. Separated by a metal grate, the worker put her hand up to the cage and was touched by how sweet the dog was. Bella instantly gave them a lick of the hand to mention hello. it had been obvious that each one this sweet shelter dog needed was some love and affection

After visiting with the pup for a couple of minutes, it became clear that she couldn’t be left there to rot. The worker made arrangements to interrupt her free from the lonely, rundown pound.

 it had been obvious from the moment Bella was delivered to the Howl of a Dog shelter that she was visibly more comfortable .

“She appeared to have instantly understood that she was being rescued which she’s safe,” the shelter said.

Bella felt so safe, in fact, that as they waited for her vet exam at her new shelter, she crawled up onto the couch and into her rescuer’s lap, where she quickly fell asleep.

“She was so trusting and relieved to be finally rescued that she simply fell asleep in my arms while we were heading to the veterinary clinic,” the shelter wrote on their Facebook.

Shelter staff was happy to seek out that Bella’s liver and spleen issues might be treated with the supplements the veterinarian provided. They also gave the neglected shelter dog a much-needed bath with medicated soap to assist get obviate her fleas and relieve her itchy skin.

Once they got Bella back to the shelter, she took almost no time in the least to settle into her new digs.
Though she’d been underweight once they discovered her at the pound, she was now eating many food and putting on a healthy amount of weight. not locked up alone all day, Bella now need to spend time making friends and twiddling with the opposite shelter dogs there.

After she’d received all of her shots and was up to a healthy weight, Howl of a Dog posted Bella’s story to their Facebook page. that they had been giving regular updates on the sweet shelter dog in hopes that somebody would adopt her.

It took a touch time to seek out the now 6-year-old dog a forever home, but finally in December of 2018 Howl of a Dog was happy to announce that Bella had finally found her forever family in Germany.


Bella has found a loving family in Germany. Her new house is during a very beautiful and quiet village, she goes for many walks within the forest, which she totally loves (she has seen deer, foxes, squirrels and a badger, and is extremely excited by it all), and she or he follows her mom around wherever she goes.
We couldn’t be happier for Bella, she will enjoy the quiet life within the countryside, but at an equivalent time have many fun with numerous things to ascertain and neutralize the good outdoors.
Bella has settled in quickly, she’s very loved and spoiled and she’s also getting along well together with her new four-legged companion, Bumble,” the shelter wrote.

Thanks to a touch tender love and care, this sweet shelter dog gets a second chance at having an exquisite life with a forever family that loves her. to find out more about Bella, you'll watch the video below. to find out how you'll help Howl of a Dog keep it up giving the valuable gift of adoption to the dogs they absorb , visit them on Facebook.

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