Ailing Homeless Dog Closed His Eyes, Knowing He Was Finally Safe For First Time

 He spent his life wandering alone on the U.S.-Mexico border, living off whatever scraps were thrown his way.

Hope For Paws received a call about a sickly homeless dog who was living on the border of the Us and Mexico and was in need of immediate medical aid.

When rescuers received the scene, they spoke with the person who called them and learned that the homeless dog took a liking to the man’s dogs and stuck around. The person always tried to supply the pup with food as often as possible, but he needed tons quite just food.

Rescuers coaxed him with food before slipping a leash around him. They decided to call this sweet pup “Pax.” Pax allows them to pick him up and put him in their car without resistance. He was happy and relieved to finally be rescued.

They took him to the animal hospital, where he was treated for his ailments – skin, ear and eye infections, mange, and open wounds. He was very cooperative and allowed them to treat him also as give him a medicated bath to assist heal his skin.

Soon after, the Forgotten Dog Foundation helped Pax find his forever home! Pax’s wounds have healed and his fur has grown back in. He seems like such a gorgeous dog and is so happy to be with his new loving family.

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