Blind & Deaf Dog Performs Tricks, Shows Us How To Live Life Despite Shortcomings

 If you have the right spirit and motivation, no shortcoming in the world can stop you from living the best life. Let’s speak up for all the disabled dogs who have so much to offer!

Calamity may be a double merle Australian Shepherd who was born deaf. She lost her eyesight a year later. As double merle dogs inherit the merle gene twice, they're more susceptible to having disabilities due to their extreme lack of pigment.

Amanda Fuller, a lady who works with special needs dogs, adopted Calamity and began helping her get familiar with the planet around her as a deaf and blind dog. But soon, Amanda realized that Calamity was an exceptionally smart dog! For Calamity, her disabilities never hindered her progress. She proficiently used her heightened senses to climb the steps, get out of the car and play along with her doggie siblings despite her vision and hearing impairment!

Amanda knew that dogs like Calamity might also be trained to try other tricks.also. She started using touch cues to guide Calamity to take a seat, come around, spin during a circle, and leap into mom’s arms with impressive results!

Amanda feels that Calamity has skills which will rival any dog trained for “off-leash rally obedience”. She now plans to use similar techniques to enthusiastically train her other dogs with special needs.

Dogs like Calamity are often ignored and put down due to their physical setbacks. Amanda argues that disabled dogs can find yourself being smarter than normal dogs thanks to their high acclimation power. All they have is that the right owner. Let’s spread the word and speak up for all the disabled dogs who yearn for a good chance at life! Click the video below to see Calamity’s insane skills as she performs the good tricks on cue!

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