Blind dog recognizes his caretaker’s voice and runs to hug him

Love is one of the most powerful forces in the world, we have no doubt about that

An example of this is often the case of this cute puppy, who managed to win the hearts of thousands of people everywhere the planet as well as his joy and enthusiasm to run into his caregiver, but with one detail: only by his voice, since the puppy is blind.

He lives in a special shelter for disabled animals. And this is often where he’s been friends with other animals of various disabilities. Additionally to having the love, he didn’t have in the streets of other humans. He’s the oldest human caretaker in the shelter and responsible of caring for him, teaching him to circulate around the place without having his sight, thus can enjoy life again. And this relationship has turned them into friends for all times. One day, however, the caretaker retired. Then everything turned into a dog he missed a When the puppy had already lost the hope of meeting his friend again, behold, his voice was announced and love was such a lot that he couldn't contain himself. As soon as he hears it, the blind dog immediately recognizes the caretaker’s voice and runs quickly toward him, as if he could see everything.

Being able to smell his ally, the dog jumps on him, licking him, caressing him, and wagging his tail tons. After several months without seeing his favorite person in the world, this dog couldn’t contain his joy after having the ability to “see” his human again. The lovely meeting became viral on the social networks, with over 32,000 people enjoying and commenting – and lots of crying – in the demonstration of affection and attachment between these two.

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