Cafe Opens Its Doors To Give Local Strays A Safe Place To Stay At Night

The Hott Spott Café closes at 3AM for their customers, but they remain open throughout the night for the city's strays!

Stray dogs became a prominent issue in Greece over the years, and so the Hot Spot Cafe found how to assist these homeless dogs.

The “Kindness Cafe” in Mytilene, Lesbos island’s capital city, always closes at 3AM for his or her customers, but they continue to be open throughout the night for the city’s strays! 🙂 The owner of Hohotpspotafé, Niki Belissary, decided to open the doors of her business In the dark to assist keep the homeless dogs warm during the cold winter.

The photo of 4 dogs sleeping Inside the café that was taken by Eustratios Papanis and uploaded to social media went viral helping to shed light on the shop’s amazing act of kindness.

The kind-hearted owner and animal lover shares her thoughts on the matterinn the video below, and what she’s doing Is simply an exquisite thing!

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