Cop Rescues Puppy Being Strangled By Owner, Arrests Owner & Adopts Puppy Himself

The cop was disgusted to see the abuser strangling the puppy and violently tossing him up in the air. The cop began working non-stop to give the puppy a new life! A big thank you to this kind officer!

Officer Joshua Weskamp immediately responded when he received a call a few puppy being strangled on a street in Fresno, California.

When he received the scene, the vicious owner had already beaten up the 5-month-old puppy and tossed him 15 feet up in the air while aiming toward a dustcart. Officer Joshua was disgusted to find out the heartless actions of the abusive owner, who was a homeless man. He immediately called the SPCA officers to rescue the puppy and launched an animal cruelty investigation. Meanwhile, he started visiting the SPCA so as to stay tabs on the recovering Labrador-Pit Bull mix puppy.

SPCA workers and native activists were amazed to find out Officer Joshua’s immense dedication toward the abused puppy. The cop worked non-stop to arrest and punish the abusive owner. But when he expressed his desire to adopt the puppy, he was denied because the puppy was alleged to be held as “evidence” for the case.

After months of struggle, Joshua was finally ready to adopt the gorgeous brown puppy. He has named the puppy LEO, short for “Law Enforcement Officer,” and plans to offer him the simplest life. Stories like this reinstate our faith in humanity. AnThank you very much for the kind officials now! Click the video below to see Officer Joshua and LEO’s happy reunion on adoption day!

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