Cyclist Scoops Up Abandoned Puppy On Route, Brings Him Along For The Ride

 When the cyclists pulled over to fix a flat, they saw the sad puppy eyes looking at them from across the road. Someone had dumped this dog in the middle of nowhere.

Eduardo Reis and his team of cyclist friends were training on a track in Brazil when one between them got a flat. They pulled over to repair it, and that’s when some sad puppy eyes caught their attention from across the road. Someone had dumped this poor pup in the middle of nowhere.

Knowing he couldn’t just leave the dog behind, Eduardo scooped up the pup for the remainder of the ride! Warrior was happy to be saved and clung to his rescuer because the group finished their training. Eduardo will continue to raise the warriors until he finds an eternal home, and they create some beautiful memories together on the day they return.return. And then, Warrior got a loving family with whom he’d be pampered and shown true love!

And to think this all came together due to a flat — amazing!

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