Devastated Dog Followed Owner Who Abandoned Her Until She Was Defeated On Sidewalk

Betrayed by the one she loved the most

Having an animal in our care is endless responsibility, but some unscrupulous people seem to not understand this. This is what happened to an enormous dog who was left to his own by his human, who simply threw her out of his car when he decided he didn’t want her anymore.

The dog during this story, Markella, couldn’t believe that the human to whom she had given her heart left her alone in the dangerous streets. He thought it had been an error and followed him for miles until his body couldn’t take it anymore. While she was running after her human’s car, she had the misfortune of being hit by another vehicle. She tried to steer but couldn't go very far, collapsed thanks to her injuries, and lay on the sidewalk for quite 12 hours. Are you able to imagine how scared she must have been?

“I can’t believe how someone could do that to an animal. It breaks my heart to understand that humans are capable of doing such a lot harm,” wrote an online user. People were walking around her but nobody was helping her, supposedly intimidated by the sad little dog’s large size. Markella had lost all hope and doubted that any human might be good after being betrayed by the one she loved the foremost. ButBut when the DAR animal shelter acknowledged the dog's skills and ran to help her, everything got better. Rescuers didn’t care how big she was. She was too weak to maneuver, so one among the rescuers had to hold her to the car and later to the vet. Markella was an honest girl all the time!

The veterinarian conducted a thorough inspection. As a result of the good effort she made, a little leg broke, although she was otherwise in perfect condition, so she was transferred to the shelter. However, the dog entered a deep depression after what she had been through. I used to be devastated. ItIt was obvious that she missed her family very much, even though she had let them down. Therefore, the rescuers tried to seek out the simplest home for the dog, regardless of how big she was because she deserved to be loved and to forget the sad experience she had skilled .

Fortunately, Markella’s leg healed quickly and she or he was ready to get out for her first walk. But when he left, the primary thing she did was shop around to find out if her “family” had returned. It wasn’t like that, it had been time to start a replacement life and not reminisce. HerHer new caregiver worked hard to win her trust and love. If she were to achieve a replacement home, that they had to check how he would react to other animals. And as an honest girl, she did the proper thing!

SHE DIDN’T need to BE TREATED UNFAIRLY… Within a couple of months, life started smiling again for the dog: she was adopted and moved to the United Kingdom , where she has many big furry little brothers like her to play with. Her new family really likes her and can never disappoint her.