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Disabled Dog Is Up Next On The Euthanasia Block When He Wags His Tail

Speedy's owner wanted him put down because his legs wouldn't work and he had to drag himself across the ground to get around.

A dog named Speedy was disabled because his legs wouldn’t work, and he got around by dragging himself along the bottom .

His owner thought the simplest course of action was to possess him put down, so he got ahold of Sidewalk Specials.

But just when it all seemed over for this dog, he dug at heart and showed his will to travel on.

When rescuers arrived on scene, the great boy started wagging his tail so hard that they didn’t have the guts to place him on the euthanasia list.

And just every week later under their care, Speedy showed the fight he had within and stepped up to prove everyone wrong. That’s when he got up and began walking around!

Speedy took part in rehab to strengthen his legs, and it had been so very hard for him initially .

But after a month, he made such a lot progress that he was healthy enough to frolic on his own — and he found a forever home! 🙂