Dog Goes Blind After Being Slammed Into Wall, But A Cat Becomes His Unlikely Guide

His owner violently slammed him into a wall causing him to go permanently blind. After living a life of darkness, he now "sees" the world through a cat.

Ann had rescued Tervel the Chocolate Lab after he suffered a disturbing case of abuse. Tervel’s previous owner had slammed him into a wall when he was just a puppy, causing him to travel permanently blind. With Ann, Tervel lived a reasonably comfortable life, but things went downhill when he began losing his hearing too thanks to his advanced age.

By the time Tervel was 14 years old, he was bumping into everything and was plain miserable. That’s when a homeless cat named Pudditat entered into his life. Pudditat was known to be a rebel cat who would always pick fights with other cats. But the day the cat met Tervel, he left his edgy life behind and commenced hanging out with the dog.

As his sense of guidance failed, Tervel began to count on Pudditat to navigate and move around. The cat instinctively appeared to know of Tervel’s vulnerable state, and would always stay by his side to steer him anywhere he wanted to travel . Over time, the dog trusted his little friend as well as his safety and well-being!

It’s so heartwarming to find out Pudditat becoming Tervel’s eyes and ears in the twilight years of his life. After a rough life, Tver finally got a reliable partner and he was relieved! Pudditat has truly illuminated Tervel’s dark and dreary life as well as his love and his faithful companionship! Click the video below to see how Pudditat illuminates the blind Tervel’s life sort of a guiding star!

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