Dog Spotted Tied To Semi-Trailer On Highway Causes Outrage Among Animal Lovers

The dog appears to be desperately hanging on, attached to the truck by a piece of rope.

A photo of a dog tied to the rear of a semi-trailer traveling on the highway has sparked outrage among dog lovers in Australia. The photo was taken by Katie Cole while she was driving on Queensland’s Ipswich Motorway on Saturday Immaculate Conception , 2018 and shared by a lover of hers on Facebook.

Cole was extremely upset as she watched the dog struggling on the rear of the truck, which she says was traveling more than 100 km/hour. “Absolutely fuming, how on earth does this person think it’s OK and safe to move a dog on the rear of a semi only tied on with a touch of rope?!,” Cole later wrote on Facebook. Cole told the Courier Mail, “I’m concerned for the dog. It’s an enormous dog but it should be inside the cabin or something, not tied to the rear of the truck. It looked as if it had been tied to the framework by rope.”

She told the paper that she had reported the incident to police and then the RSPCA. As a result, the RSPCA has launched an investigation. However, it's unclear whether any laws are broken. According to 7 News Brisbane, it's legal in Queensland to travel with a dog in the back of an open truck as long because the dog is correctly tethered.

This is unfortunate, given the startling number of dogs that die annually from riding in the box of a truck. To not mention the opposite injuries that will occur like ear, eye and nose damage, or being dragged on the ground if tethered and ejected. Legal issues aside, it's considered much safer to travel with a dog inside a vehicle than outside 1 .

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