Dog Stranded For Days On Side Of Cliff Gives Kisses To All Her Rescuers After They Saved Her Life

Safira the dog disappeared from her range in Brazil recently and after 3 days of searching tirelessly, her owner finally found her but the rescue didn't appear as if a simple one since the poor pooch was stranded on a cliff and was in no way ready to get out of there on her own. Despite being stranded on the side of the cliff for 3 days without water or food, she started barking for help and seemed happy to find out her owner.

Scared and wanting to save his dog, Safira’s owner reached to the Ituporanga Military local department for help and although he at first thought maybe they wouldn’t consider rescuing Safira thanks to the problem of the mission, the rescuers were quite happy to travel and save the small pooch. “The rescue was a difficult one,” Luis Fernando, a firefighter, shared. “It may be a very tall cliff. We had to repel down 25 meters (80 feet) to succeed in her.”

As soon as she was rescued, Safira was thrilled and excited, giving kisses to all or any the rescuers and, of course, her owner, who didn't hand over on her.

Scroll down for the video at the top .

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