Poor Dog Found In Trash Can Waiting For Someone To Rescue Him – Now He’s Happier Than ever

 This dog looked so scared and lonely in the trash can.

An employee of a city park in England was walking through the park when he noticed a dog just sitting during a trash-can, looking scared and helpless. Therefore the worker called rescuers at the Birmingham Dogs Home to return to the park and devour the stray dog.

When the rescuers arrived, they said the dog just looked so scared and was shivering from the cold. Inso they pulled the dog out of the ashcan and brought him to the shelter where he was examined for health and for a microchip, which unfortunately he didn’t have one. They also found that the small pup was only about 18 months old. We don’t know exactly where the dog came from or how he ended up therein ashcan, but we do know that the dog was now in good hands and safe at the shelter. Just watch the video and see how this dog’s frown from being therein ashcan visited a bright smile. The dog now gets to be during a shelter with people that look out of him and even gets to travel outside to run and play whenever possible. We’re sure this pup is going to be adopted before later, except for now we just need to be thankful that there are amazing people out there just like the worker who found him and then the rescuers who came and saved him from the ashcan. Watch the whole story below!

The dog looked so scared and lonely in the trash can.ashcan. Thankfully this type worker saw him and knew what he had to do!

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