Faithful Dog Refuses To Part With His Owner Who Tragically Died On Walk

Lives is often so ephemeral that just one thing is enough, a small thing that, however insignificant it's going to seem, can completely change our destiny and cause us a fatal outcome. Although we all know that the death of a beloved or loved one can happen in a moment, the love and pain of their absence are with us forever.

An example of this is often Doki, a gorgeous puppy who suddenly lost his favorite person while out for a walk. Tenderness, loyalty, and pain are reflected in his face and in his eyes. After the accident, the puppy didn't leave its owner Leonardo Valdés, a 23-year-old boy who died after being hit by a vehicle while walking as well as his faithful companion, Doki. The incident occurred in Concepcion, Chile, leaving the whole community in shock and with an excellent sense of sadness that the puppy wasn't moving from the body of its owner, who was lying lifeless on the side of the road.

Unfortunately, there are many casualties, both human and animal, once they are intercepted by vehicles. When rescuers arrived on the scene, they covered the young man’s body and noticed that the puppy was staying next to its owner. One only had to find out the puppy understand the endless feeling of sadness and loneliness that was overwhelming him. The Emergency Corporation team shared a photograph of the incident on their Facebook account, the photo of Doki as well as his sad eyes watching his owner quickly went viral.

Everyone wanted to understand about the puppy that had stayed with its deceased owner. However, the puppy’s loyalty didn’t go that far. Duoji participated in the funeral of his beloved, which caused a great sensation among the participants. Natalia Valdes said: We know that this photo has been widely known and still surprised us, because the puppy stayed there, with him. He was at the vigil all night.

Leonardo’s family said the puppy came into the young man’s life when he returned to Concepcion to assist his mother. There is no doubt that Doki accompanies his beloved master everywhere. Leonardo was responsible of feeding him, bathing him, and giving him all the love in the world. Another relative of the young man commented: Animals know who to speak to. It’s amazing how they need intuition. “

This adorable puppy stayed by the owner’s side while all the angels that might accompany him on his new path gathered. Rest, Leonardo! If there’s a special place for animal lovers in heaven, you want to be there.
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