Family Adopts Dog Dying From Cancer, Helps Him Live Out His Dreams In Final Days

 It takes a special person to take in a sick dog who doesn't have much time left to live, but Jenny Leech did it without hesitation.

It takes a special person to need during a sickly dog who doesn’t have much time left to measure, but Jenny Leech did it without hesitation.

12-year-old Theo was abandoned and in bad shape when someone found him during a Walmart parking zone . Sadly, he was diagnosed with cancer and then the oncologist believing he lacks much time left on Earth, because the cancer nodules are spread throughout his abdomen.

Despite the bad news, Leech and her husband accepted Theo and promised to spend the day he left, which is usually the easiest.often.

When Leech saw how happy They still was and realized that the cancer has not slowed him down, she decided to return up with a bucket list for him.

So far, he has eaten frozen dessert, gotten a burger at a drive-thru, and chewed on a fresh bone from a meat market, among many other things. Leech began posting his bucket list adventures on Facebook, which quickly went viral. Thousands of people were giving Leech new ideas, and a few even helped cross items off his list, including one that took Theo for a ride in their Mustang convertible!

Since then, he has sat during a skydive plane, went swimming during a lake, watched a drive-in movie, went on a blind date with a German shepherd named Sasha, and got sworn in as an honorary police K9 at the Crystal Lake local department.

A new item on his bucket list has been crossed off daily, and Leech will still bring The joy until his final day.

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