Family Says Neighbor Jumped The Fence And Brutally Beat Their Dog, Should Face Charges

 In Southaven, a one-year-old dog named Eco was brutally beaten by a neighbor of the owners, Courtney and Ron Gutowski. They weren’t home when it happened but according to a witness, the neighbor jumped the fence and beat the dog on the head nonstop with a log.  

Echo was trembling after the assault occurred and was rushed to the veterinarian. His damaged eye had to be removed and now he's not an equivalent dog as he was before. InsteadHe is not very naughty, but sits next to Courtney all day She or he hates to determine if his spirit is broken. The vet says it'll take a minimum of six months for Echo to recover.

Courtney had reported concerns about her violent neighbor to the police She or he felt that if they listened, it might not be a problem. The neighbor had formerly thrown large chunks of ice at Echo in an effort to harm him. The police are now investigating the assault but they're not offering any longer comments.

The abuse of this animal may be a despicable act by a violent person. it's hoped that the case is correctly investigated which the neighbor pays for what he did.

You can see more details during this video:

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