Maniac Covers Stray Puppy In Super Glue. Then, A Rescue Worker Realized There Still Hope

 For whatever reason, a group of truly horrible people decided to cover this innocent puppy in glue.

It’s hard to believe that there are people out there who would bully a dog, but unfortunately, there are. Thankfully, though, for each evil person out there in the world who would be so C.R.U.E.L to an animal, there are countless more who would do everything in their power to save lots of a four-legged friend’s valuable life!

Pascal could be small, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been through tons. For whatever reason, a gaggle of truly horrible people decided to hide this innocent puppy in glue. After the glue was covered for a long enough time, the little Pascal was covered with dirt and mulch. Eventually, it hardened to be harder than rock. The glue tomb was so thick that it began to stop the small baby’s blood flow. This beautiful dog was getting to D.I.E.

But thankfully, at the last moment, a gaggle of truly amazing rescuers showed up and need to work immediately.

It took hours to slowly cut away his hard fur but, after tons of patient work, and after layer upon layer was peeled away, hope for small Pascal began to rise. Things were so bad that one between his ears went necrotic from the restricted blood flow.

Pascal could be better physically, and he’s very brave, but doctors fear his spirit is broken. It’s getting to take tons of labor to urge him back to normal, but eventually, he’s getting to find a forever home where he is often treated amorously and respect.

Especial because He’Art of Rescue for supplying this video and for helping to save lots of Pascal’s precious lives

Warning: This video is going to be hard for any animal lover to observe, but please send your thoughts and prayers out for baby Pascal!

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