Former County Jail Employee Tapes Puppy’s Legs & Snout Shut, Dumps Him In Woods

 The little pooch suffered "serious physical injury caused by having his muzzle taped shut for an extended period of time."

A little puppy from McCracken County, Kentucky barely made it to his first birthday. The 6- to 9-month-old Great Dane/Black Labrador retriever mix was found on their lonesome wandering in the woods. A terrible person sealed his nose with duct tape and tightly wrapped his hind legs with duct tape. Though he was ready to get the tape free from his legs, he suffered from the tape around his snout.

He was unable to eat, drink, or maybe bark for somebody to assist him. Luckily, an honest Samaritan stumbled upon him and got him help. An investigation into the case revealed a really disturbing suspect. A former employee of the McCracken County Jail was charged with animal cruelty after admitting taping the dog’s legs and snout shut. Police say 32-year-old Jayce Bryant of Kevil said the puppy bit him so, he punished him. Bryant was fired from his job and charged with a category D felony of torturing a dog with a serious physical injury.

According to Dr. Russell Jones, the puppy “suffered the utmost serious physical injury caused by having his muzzle taped shut for an extended period of your time .”

At a recent Clear the Shelters event, the McCracken County Humane Society hoped that the pooch, whom they named Hero, would find a forever home. Heroes endure pain, suffering, and treatment, and should seek happiness in a loving family.home. AnAn area news director, Perry Boxx, saw Hero’s photos online and heard about his story. He was angry because someone hurt an animal and decided to travel face to face with the dog.face. ItAt first it was love at first sight, and Larry adopted the hero. Larry says he didn’t rescue Hero, but Hero rescued him.

“I made a solemn vow to the universe that he would never be hurt, or hungry, or suffer in any way ever again, and fulfilling meaning everything to me,” Larry said. We wish you both an extended and happy life together!

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