Grandma Shows Up At Shelter And Asks For The Dog No One Else Wants

Melani Andrews had a lot of bad times: she lost her husband, and after, she lost her dog Lola, who’d been her companion and support through the loss. “My grandkids came to visit one night, and that they said, ‘Grandma, you would like somebody to stay you company. You can’t just sit around here all by yourself.”

Andrews listened to her grandkids and decided to need matters into her own hands. She visited the Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, California, where she asked the staff for the dog nobody else wanted because she would adopt him. “I don’t care if he’s sick, I don’t care if the shelter can help with bills. I don’t have tons of cash, but I’m sure I even have enough to require care of a touch dog.”

She ended up adopting a 12-year-old terrier named Jake. It clothed Jake had been passed on repeatedly and had been at the shelter for an extended time because he had carcinoma, was deaf and partially blind, so that they didn’t skills long he would be around. In any case, Andrews took him away, and Jack has been a happy dog ever since.

“The way he’s taken a turnaround here, I'll find yourself having him for a year — maybe two if I’m really lucky,” she shared. “But when he goes, I’ll know he went happy.”

More info: Website – h/t: The Dodo

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