He Curled Up In A Ball, Waiting 2 Years For A Family Who’d Never Come For Him

 No matter what he went through, he still acted like a true gentleman, he trusted the shelter staff and even was so relaxed when they bathed him

Dogs are such sweet souls, that regardless of what they are going through in life, they still be sweet and loving.

A dog named Richard received the shelter. The poor animal was starving, sickly and hairless, but still had the sweetest personality. No matter what he went through, he still acted a true gentleman, he trusted the shelter staff and was so relaxed once they bathed him.

But just when it seemed as if Richards life was recuperating, something happened, and he stopped eating and dwindling, but he continued to fight because he still had tons to offer, and after a couple of months he appeared as a replacement dog. His look was so different also, his hair grew back and formed a gorgeous coat, his eyes were gleaming and most significantly he looked happy. “Being around Richard calms you down, it causes you to want to get back and just enjoy the instant, contemplate, forget,” wrote dog rescuer Valia Orfanidou.

Richard may be a really lovely dog to be around, is nearly therapeutic spending time with him. But despite his sweet nature, he still waits at the shelter for his forever home, for 2 and a half long years.

“I just want to travel to the shelter at some point and not see him there,” Orfanidou wrote. “I don’t want him to be there anymore, he belongs outside, he belongs to the planet, he belongs to a family.”


Update: The dog has found a home forever! ! !
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