Help! Shelter Dog Rejected Every Day For 1000 Days, Wonders Why No One Ever Picks Him

 Some of these ‘pawsome’ creatures aren’t lucky enough to get a home and leave the shelters. At least, the protagonist of today’s story didn’t have any

The reason for what we did to deserve our fluffy friends remains unknown. However, what we all know needless to say is that they are doing make our days an entire lot better. Simply watching them wander around, eating, or maybe sleeping, takes our heart to an entire new level. Asylum dogs are rejected every day for 1000 days of image results, miraculous Why no one chose him Some of these ‘pawsome’ creatures aren’t lucky enough to urge a home and leave the shelters. At least, the protagonist of today’s story didn’t have any, until now.

The dog we are talking about is known as Marmaduke and is an American Staffy. When he came to the Valley Animal Center, he was cute and playful. Even so, he came off as a touch stubborn and had no obedience training. ThanksThanks to this, no visitors considered adopting him. Seeing that Marmaduke wouldn’t follow the principles, the shelter staff decided to coach Marmaduke with some very simple command. And, soon, within a month they might notice progress in Marmaduke. He became the sweetest boy and then the most obedient there's. And now, they were convinced he would find a home. However, Marmaduke got hit with allergies, which require a special diet and medicines on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this made him not wanted for adoption again. Now, the doggo is 5 years old and he has spent quite 1000 days in the shelter. Whenever a guest comes, he will be very excited, hoping that someone will come to pick him up. The people in the shelter also are sad for him to find out his desperation so that they decided to ask the general public to assist him find a forever home and someone who loves him unconditionally. The latest update is that After Marmaduke’s story reached people’s hearts, a person finally came to adopt our sweet boy. He got informed all about Marmaduke’s food and medicine requirements so,So he intends to give him a safe, comfortable and loving life. Now, you'll see him all happy beside his new daddy. We are glad Marmaduke finally found a secure home and someone to need care of him and his health. Watch the video of Marmaduke and his journey from the shelter to his new home.


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