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Homeless Senior Blind Pit Bull Has Waited His Whole Life for Rescue

 Under all the dirt and dirt , he was a gorgeous color. Under all the mistreatment and abuse he suffered, he was a mild soul.

Hope For Paws received a call about Duncan after the senior, blind Pit Bull, after he crawled into a junkyard and an honest Samaritan was concerned the owner was getting to call the animal control.

Their hearts were breaking as they lured the poor dog out because it was clear he had endured a lifetime of neglect and abuse. He wasn’t within the better of shape, but after being cleaned up and given medical attention, Duncan has perked up

Duncan is now during a family where he sometimes confuses the laundry hamper together with his bed, but his fosters don’t mind.

They don’t skills long Duncan has left on earth, but if you'd wish to adopt Duncan, visit Frosted Faces.