Husky Starved By Owner Undergoes Incredible Transformation

 Finn has grown back his fur and doubled in weight after being reduced to a 'bag of bones'.

A husky that was nothing quite a 'bag of bones' when he was rescued by an animal shelter in the US, has undergone a fantastical transformation. The once emaciated pooch, called Finn, had been neglected by its former owner, spending two years without being watered or fed properly.

According to reports, the small fella's horrific treatment was a sort of revenge by its owner towards his ex-wife, for whom he'd bought Finn as a gift. Speaking about his condition when he received Pet Angels Rescue in Oklahoma, one among the rescuers said it had been heartbreaking. They said: "As soon as we pulled up, we just quite checked out one another, we just lost it. "He was a bag of bones, he had barely any fur on him. It had been absolute pure neglect." After being rescued from his owner, the shelter said Finn curled into a ball in the car and slept for the entire two-hour trip. But now, after receiving a touch a bit of love and a spotlight, also because the proper care he needed, Finn is now a 'totally different dog' and his impressive coat has finally returned.

One of the rescuers at the shelter also said that he has managed to beat his trust issues and is 'instantaneously forgiving.' And what's more, he's found a replacement home. A spokesperson for Pet Angels Rescue said: "His adopters came to find out him very early in his recovery. "They've been incredible, they've given him the simplest life." But sadly animal cruelty isn't hing new and is not even remotely rare.

However, there are people out there trying to try to do their bit to save lots of those creatures who are suffering. And that's just what happened to a dog in India that had been found covered in tar, who now looks unrecognizable after being rescued. Champi was during a terrible way when she was discovered stuck to the pavement in Solapur, a city in the south-western region of the state of Maharashtra. She is covered in asphalt and debris, and is trying to manipulate it.maneuver. Fortunately for her, a rescue team from Animal Rahat - an animal relief organization supported by PETA - set about saving her from the sticky situation.

In total, it took four days for the team to get rid of all the tar and debris from Champi's coat using vegetable and copra oil, and then her skin underneath needed time to heal.