K9 Gets Shot In Head During A Chase, Turns To Face His Handler And Collapses

 He was shot point blank and the bullet lodged an inch from his heart. He was moments away from death, but his eyes kept searching for Dad.

Officer R.J. Young and Bruno the K9 from the Anaheim local department were on a mission to nab an absconding suspect. Before the police on the opposite side were trapped at the scene, Bruno bravely pursued the escaped. When K9 tried to protect the police on the opposite side, the suspect panicked and shot Bruno directly in the face.

Officer Young was horrified as he saw his loyal boy running to him and collapsing in his arms. TheThe police on the opposite side took care of the suspect, and Officer Yang sent Bruno to the nearest veterinary emergency room.ER. It had been found that the bullet had shattered the dog’s jaw and damaged his lungs before lodging itself, but an in. far away from his heart.

The 7-year-old K9 was prepared for an emergency surgery where the vets pulled out the bullet. TheThe whole team was ecstatic when Bruno miraculously survived the surgery! Police Officer Yang, who regards Bruno as his biological son, was full of emotion when he reunited with the brave little soldier in the hospital!

Officer Young has offered to need over Bruno’s medical bills once he recovers. The dog is about to be retired from his duties once he's released from the hospital, and can be permanently adopted by Officer Young and his family. Bruno has been an incredibly good boy and that we wish him a cheerful life ahead! Click the video below to see Bruno’s bravery and his sweet reunion as well as his handler at the hospital!

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