Lady Tricks Her Dog Into Going For Walk In Woods, Leaves Him There & Drives Off

A woman abandoned a Yellow Labrador retriever at a park in Vancouver, Washington, and then the entire incident was caught on a close-by home surveillance camera. The video shows the lady pull up to Orchards Community Park during a Tesla around 8:20 on Thursday night. She got out of the driver’s seat and let the dog out of the rear seat. She then took the collar and leash off the dog and came into the car to chase away .

Suddenly, she came out of the car to steer the dog into the woods. The dog wagged his tail and thought he was going for a walk, but once they need to the forest, the lady left him there and ran back to her car to chase away. Surveillance footage then shows the dog walking back out of the woods to seem for his owner, but she had already driven off. Alyssa Ott, the owner of the surveillance camera, couldn’t believe her eyes when she watched the video.

“What she did when she took the collar off and pet the dog and threw the collar into the vehicle may be a sign on behalf of me it’s likely her dog and she or he didn’t want there to be how to trace it back to her,” Jakubs told KGW8. “Somebody that’s just getting to dump a dog would have just left, they wouldn’t have thought twice about getting back out and ensuring he goes into the park.” She immediately called a lover to assist bring the dog in and contacted I Paw’d It Go ahead, rescue the nearby dog, ask for help. The father of rescue Keri-Lyn Jakubs agreed to ask the dog to come in and hug it directly.directly. He has since been transferred to the Southwest Washington Humane Society, where he's safe and being well-taken care of. Clark County Animal Protection and Control is now investigating the incident and asking the community for help in identifying the lady or the dog.

The woman had shoulder length brown hair and was wearing a hat and driving a Tesla. She could potentially face a misdemeanor or civil infraction for animal cruelty. Once the investigation is complete, the sweet dog is going to be available for adoption. If you've got any information on this case, please call 564-397-2488 or e-mail

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