Man Hacks Off Dog’s Front Legs With Sword As “Punishment For Chewing His Shoes”

The vicious man got off easy with just one month worth of imprisonment, but the 9-month-old dog's life will never be the same again.  


Cola, a 9-month-old dog living with his mom and doggie siblings in Bangkok, had playfully escaped into the neighbor’s yard and chewed off the man’s shoes. When the person came complaining, Cola’s mom paid him for the damages. But the spiteful man still wanted revenge.

One day, the person sneaked into the yard while Cola was alone, and used a sword to hack off the dog’s front legs. When the owner intervened, the person threatened to kill her other dogs if she spoke about this to the authorities. The lady rushed Cola to the hospital, and contacted “The Soi Dog Foundation” for further help. Cola’s, at first occupy the hospital was pretty terrifying as nobody could tell if the dog would make it thanks to septicaemia complications. But the dog overcame the pain and began to recover. Meanwhile, the foundation’s legal unit helped Cola’s Mother fights for justice for the poor dog.

After months of uncertainty, the neighbor was finally booked under the country’s animal welfare law. However, he got off easy with only one month worth of imprisonment. Cola’s, mom and so the volunteers realized that the dog won't be safe in his old home. So, Gill Dalley, one among Soi Dog’s founding members, came forward to adopt him.

Cola’s new mom is also a double amputee like him, so Cola felt the right reception as well as her. During this video, we see the valuable moment when Cola gets his custom-made prosthetic legs fixed. He’s so happy to steer again that he runs around hugging every staff in the room!

Cola’s prosthetic legs are made out of an equivalent fiber used for Paralympic sprinters. We thank the staff of Soi Dog for helping Coke live like a normal dog again. He’s definitely got the spirit of a real champion! Click on the video below to observe the first time Coke installs a prosthesis!

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