Man Kept Puppy In Airtight Container Without Breathing Holes, Food Or Water

Another container was on top of the bin applying pressure. After the puppy was freed from the bin, he couldn't stop shaking.

A search for drugs led officers to a puppy who was enclosing an airtight container, ultimately saving his life. HEAT team officers executed an inquiry warrant after they received a visit about possible narcotic sales at a house in Monroe, Louisiana. Police detained 31-year-old Mark Newbill ahead of the house, who insisted that he didn’t have drugs.

When deputies went inside, they found a small puppy who was inside an airtight storage bin that had no holes for him to exhale of. There was also another bin on top of that one, applying pressure and keeping the lid down even more. Not only did he barely have air to breathe, but he also had no food or water.

Police immediately released the puppy, who was very scared and wouldn’t stop shaking. If the puppy was in there anymore , he would have died. In addition to finding the puppy, officers also found Ecstasy and marijuana.

Newbill was arrested and charged with animal cruelty, alongside possession of a controlled dangerous substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. He has since posted $4,750 bail.

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