Man pays $350 to save 9 dogs from being sold by meat seller

Please say NO to dog meat

All of the nine dogs were originally predestined to finish abreast of dining tables but because of a kind-hearted man’s quick action, the canines managed to stay their lives. Sam Phannarith from Cambodia was driving around Siem Reap province in Cambodia last September when he suddenly saw a motorbike with an a little cage at the rear of it. Suspicious of the ‘things’ he saw in the cage, Sam later followed the motorcycle closely from behind which was when he realized there have been dogs crammed inside the cage,

Sam knew that the dogs weren't pets and were destined to be sold as meat. Dog meat trade is booming in certain parts of Asia and Cambodia isn't an exception. Luckily, for Sam, he was ready to stop the innocent dogs from ending up at someone’s board In the footage, which Sam shared on social media, he is often seen giving some cash totaling US$350 to the vendor before he opens the cage and let the dog free

It also appears that the vendor has metal pots stacked on his motorcycle, able to cook the canines whenever and wherever According to the Daily Mail, Sam didn't mind spending US$350 to free the dogs as he didn't have the guts to only ignore the canines being sold as meat. “I couldn't stand the thought that the dogs would be human food soon, so I bought them for $350 and that I am happy,” he said. “This was money well spent. It had been about 40 dollars to offer them their life and freedom. I hope that people will see what I did and think more carefully about stopping eating dogs within the future.”

Why do some people eat dog meat? There is a well-liked belief among those that consume dog meat that the meat tastes better than pork and features a medicinal benefit to the body “Dog meat is like medicine. It tastes hot but it makes our body feel good. it's more delicious than pork,” said one consumer as reported by Channel News Asia. Humane Society International (HSI) estimated around 30 million dogs across Asian countries including China, Thailand, and South Korea are slaughtered annually to satisfy the growing demand for dog meat.

When asked if he would roll in the hay again, Sam said that he wouldn't hesitate to pay if it might ensure the freedom of the dogs. “I would do an equivalent thing again. If I saw more dogs being taken for food I might pay to possess them released.”


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