Man Repeatedly Kicks Bulldog Puppy, Throws Her Down Stairs & Breaks Her Legs

Officers rushed the 5-month-old pup to a local vet, where she was diagnosed with several broken bones in her legs. Spread the word & let's lock this monster up for good!  

A 22-year-old man from Irvine, California has been arrested after he was seen continuously kicking a five-month-old French bulldog puppy.

Locals witnessed Ruiang Zhang kick the innocent puppy several times before kicking her down a flight of stairs at an Irvine apartment complex. Zhang lives at that complex as well as his live-in girlfriend, whom he shares the puppy with. Officers rushed the puppy to an area veterinarian, where she was diagnosed with several broken bones in her legs. she will remain in the care of the vet until further notice.

Zhang was booked into Orange County Jail on suspicion of felony animal abuse, and was later released from custody.

Irvine police say the case is going to be mentioned the Orange County District Attorney’s office for prosecution. The police are asking anyone with any information related to this investigation to please call Detective Larum at 949-724-7194.  
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