Marine Spots Puppy In Middle Of Afghanistan War Zone & Sneaks Him Back Home

This is the beautiful story of 'Craig & Fred: A Marine, A Stray Dog, And How They Rescued Each Other’ Spread the word and happiness of this story.

In Afghanistan, he found a stray dog in a small yard where his troops were delayed. Many people would normally not pay any mind to the dogs, since strays in Afghanistan are far too common, but something in him told him that he should approach the puppy.

Grossi obeyed his instinct, and it was clothed in the clothes of fate. As he walked toward the pup, he started wagging his tail and was incredibly happy that somebody was finally focusing on him. The poor little puppy was hot, starving and covered in bugs. The dog took an instant liking to Grossi and commenced to follow him everywhere. Grossi fell crazy with the pup and knew he couldn’t leave him there alone.

So, he snuck him onto his base and did everything he could to urge the dog home with him, despite it being in the middle of a war. If Grossi was caught, he could’ve gotten in trouble, but if he left the pup there, he may have died. Grossi explained that in his first week there, they were under a constant attack, with everything from mortars to RPG’s.

This, of course, was no place for an innocent puppy to be, and Grossi promised him that he would get him out of there safely. Grossi kept his promise, and was successful in bringing the dog back to the us with him! He decided to call him Fred, and to this day, the 2 of them are inseparable.

Grossi has even wrote a book about their journey together called “The ongoing adventures of ‘Craig & Fred: A Marine, A Stray Dog, and the way They Rescued one another .” Click here to follow Grossi and Fred’s adventures on their Instagram page.

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