Mourning The Loss Of Her Puppies, Rescue Dog Finds Comfort With Stuffed Toys

The toys couldn't replace Kiah’s lost puppies forever, but they helped her heal.

When a compassionate person found a dog limping down a street outside Atlanta, they knew she needed immediate attention. The white Pit Bull mix, later named Kiah, was obviously pregnant, and it seemed as if she hadn’t had an honest meal in several weeks. Veterinary staff later discovered the dog’s teeth were filed down, and her current pregnancy was far away from her first. They also found an old gunshot wound that painted a bleak picture of what the dog’s life wont to be.

The Cherokee County Humane Society quickly took Kiah into their care. They rushed her to an emergency veterinarian, but the dog’s struggles were far away from over. The veterinarian learned Kiah’s unborn puppies had died several days earlier. There was nothing they might do to save lots of them, but an emergency c-section saved Kiah’s life. An experienced medical staff worked around the clock to treat Kiah’s injuries. They healed her physical wounds, but the dog’s refusal to eat and drink pointed toward even more serious emotional trauma. After time spent healing from her surgery, Kiah was moved to a family. Her foster, Caroline Claffey, wanted to offer the hurting rescue dog a secure and cozy place to get over her experience. Kiah had a soft place to sleep, regular meals, and an individual to pet and soothe her. Her physical needs were taken care of, but her emotional well-being still suffered. She was mourning the loss of her puppies, so Claffey got a thought. The foster mom put stuffed animals in Kiah’s bed in the hopes of filling the opening left in her heart

Her idea worked, and Kiah quickly became attached to the toys. Claffey said the dog’s favorite stuffed animal may be a puppy that vibrates and hums lullabies. She told Global News, The toys won’t be ready to replace Kiah’s lost puppies forever, but they’re helping the sweet dog advance from her ordeal. The name Kiah means “new beginning,” and that’s exactly what her family wants for her. With time, they hope Kiah will find a forever home where she will put the past behind her.

Update: Kiah has found a home! Hope Four Paws Colorado transported Kiah from Georgia to Colorado, where she met her new mom! Mom drove all the way from Southern California, already crazy and prepared to offer Kiah her forever home!


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