Old Dog With Cancer Thrown Onto The Streets Waited 3 Weeks For Help To Arrive

She had tumors all over her body & a painful tooth abscess, and was most likely dumped by her owners because they didn't want to care for her anymore.

Hope Four Paws received a call about a stray injured dog who was in need of help. When rescuers arrived, they found her lying outside of a range in the world , which is where she had been for 3 weeks expecting someone to assist her.

The first day she was there, she was timid and hiding. On July Fourth, she had a very hard time dealing with the loud sounds from the fireworks and kept barking, but the homeowner came outside to comfort her. Rescuers gave her some food, which she happily accepted, and put a leash on her. Once she stood up, they might say there was a problem with her hind limbs, and they noticed lumps all over her stomach.

The dog, whom they named Bluebell, wagged her tail and seemed relieved that somebody was finally helping her. They brought her to the vet, where she was diagnosed with two sorts of cancer – mastocyte tumors, and a mammary adenocarcinoma. further to her cancer, she also suffered from a painful tooth abscess.

They scanned her for a microchip, but unfortunately she didn’t have one. It's time to take a soothing bath to help Bluebell feel better and wash away the dirt that has been living on the street for weeks. Bluebell then underwent surgery to get rid of all of her tumors. Thankfully, X-rays confirmed that the cancer had not spread.

Once she was feeling better, she went on to a certain with a foster through Lionel’s Legacy. She is now checking out a forever home. If you’re curious about adopting sweet Bluebell, please visit LionelsLegacy.org.

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