Owner Chains Dog To One Spot For 15 Years, Mocks Anyone Who Tries To Save Him

The owner kept the dog chained in the junk outside in the heat and the cold. When anyone interfered, the owner simply smirked and mocked them.

A man would always notice a chained dog snarling at him on his thanks to work. Over time, the person learned that the dog had been chained outside and mistreated by his owners for 15 years.

There was nothing to shelter the dog, named Rusty Diamond, from the warmth and then the cold, and his only job was to bark and keep strangers away. One day, the person gathered enough courage to approach the dog. BecauseBecause the man's trembling fingers went through the fence, Rusty happily stepped forward to let him touch him! After that day, the person began stopping by a day to speak to the neglected dog and make him feel loved.

When the owner found Rusty fraternizing with the person, she wasn't happy. But the person stood up to her and demanded her to offer her dog a far better life. However, the lady only mocked him and warned him that Rusty would bite him if she unhooked the chain.

The man only grew more determined to rescue Rusty. He threatened the lady of the legal consequences of her evident act of animal cruelty, which stirred her up. She finally decided to give Rusty to this person, so the dog was very happy to follow this stranger who showed his love to him! The man wasn't during a job to adopt Rusty, so he took the senior dog to the shelter and got him treated for an entire list of abuse and neglect related health ailments.

Rusty felt so unburdened to measure a life without chains for the primary time that he got better in no time! This golden boy is now living the simplest life together with his doggie brothers and sisters in his new forever home! Click the video below to see how one man’s determination brightened up Rusty Diamond’s twilight years!

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