Owner Chains Extremely Sick Dog Outside In Below-Freezing Temperatures For Days

Cops in Spencer, Massachusetts, are trying to find 48-year-old Leonardo Pagan Marrero for abandoning his sickly dog in the yard of his empty range in minus temperatures. Cops had previously received a complaint from Leonardo’s neighbors about his d.y.I.n.g Siberian husky who was tied to a pole in the yard without food or water.

When the cops received the property, the Husky was found entangled in cable wires and had no strength left in him. it's unclear how long Leonardo has been far away from home, but the dog was clearly emaciated from months of malnourishment. he's now under the care of “Siberian Husky Rescue League.” The Husky’s medical tests have revealed that the dog has been affected by Lyme disease, Anaplasma and hookworms. Investigators believe that Leonardo has no intention of taking care of his dog.

He shamelessly discarded the sickly dog and hoped that the cold would accelerate his death. Let’s spread the word and help the cops track the soulless owner!

Update: After over 42 days of investigations, Leonardo has finally been caught! He was arrested and charged with animal cruelty. he's currently out on a $2,000 cash bail, and can face his court hearing at a later date. Let’s spread the word and demand the strictest punishment for this dog abuser!

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