Owners Lock Pregnant Dog In Backyard And Move Away, She Had No Food Or Water

Java the Boxer was heavily pregnant when she was found in an indoor rental property that was recently vacated. When the landowner contacted the previous family, they feigned ignorance of the dog. Java was hungry, dehydrated, and very sick, so the landlord immediately arrived in an area for rescue.

Java was relieved to be at the rescue, but luck was just not on her side. The rescue was over capacity and there was no room for Java, so they had to send her away. At the vet’s, it became evident that Java’s puppies were due. But the 2-year-old dog was holding out the birth thanks to her over-stressed physical and psychological state. As the sickly Java desperately prayed for a miracle, a lady named Karen from “Lost Pet Found Pet” heard about her. With the help of her contacts, Karen helped Java find a place to stay at the Nob Hill Animal Clinic in the plantation in the middle of the night!

After seeing a roof over her head and caretakers around her, Java finally felt secure. Just a couple of hours later, she gave birth to a litter of 9 puppies! Later in the day, the mama, and her puppies were transferred to the care of “Florida Boxer Rescue.”

Youtube In the following months, Java received treatments for various infections, intestinal parasites and fleas, all thanks to the negligence of her former owner. She raised her puppies amorously and that they were all adopted into splendid homes once they were old enough! Java found a forever home of her own and is now living the simplest life as well as her new humans. What a happy ending for Java and her children!

Click the video below to see how the rescuers struggled through the night to seek out a secure haven for the pregnant Java!

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